Friday, December 08, 2006

open letter to my blogger friends

There once was an online web log provider called Blogger. It was a bit quirky and awkward in the beginning, but as it aged it got a little easier, a little faster, a little (dare I say) better. Then it offered something called "beta." Now, I know that this provider is trying to make things even easier, even faster, and yes, even better for its users. However, when I am trying to comment on my friends sites who have made the switch and they have the word verification thing turned on, I get no word. I get the little red X in the corner of what appears to be where an image would be. In the past, I could hit "publish" and it would come back with another word for me to verify. And more times than not I would be able to see it that next time. However, not anymore.

I wanted to warn my friend Kristin that Gracie, will eat shoes again and now that she has once, anytime she eats one that is left out it is as much the person's fault as it is Gracie's. Gracie is a dog...dogs will sometimes do dumb things we wish they wouldn't. Josie is a confirmed shoe eater and even though she's not in some time, I still put my favorites away. I also wanted to tell her that it's okay to look forward to a trip if it means getting to sleep in! Totally fine.

I wanted to tell my father to have a safe trip to see my family in PA and to give them all hugs for me and tell them hello. But I could not.

Thankfully my friends like Jen, Shari, among others, have not made the switch. It is to these friends I implore, please...don't. do. it.

That is all.

Oh and Chloe is flipping adorable when she is trying to have a conversation with a crow that is sitting on a branch outside. Just want to scoop her up and squish on her.

Now, that is all.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about the change. I'm unhappy with it too, for other reasons. I was lured by the fact that Google had implemented the Blogger Beta.

As for the security words, I wonder if a new browser will help with this? Have you upgraded to the newest firefox? Since Google and Firefox are close buddies, things might work more smoothly that way.