Wednesday, December 20, 2006

rivaling russell t

I swear every single time I log into this place (or now, as I am logging in) large messages are coming up about "YOUR NEW BLOGGER IS READY!" They even went so far as to switch up the log in sides, left normally being where the old, worn out and tired blogger sign in is; right where new! exciting! thrilling! blogger sign in is. This morning, those two sides switched. They almost had me, but you know what...I was taught to read what you sign!, what I was really going to write about:

Is it just me or when you commit to something (say work) you should really mean that commitment? Especially when you confuse the person (say me) you are having cover for you? Is it nice to then call the other guy and ask for the original day you said you would work off? So other guy calls (me) and asks (me) if I can work in the store because our boss said to him "everything she has to do in the office can wait until Friday." Well, this would be true, but Friday I am only going to the office for maybe an hour before going to the store that is only roughly 25 minutes away from downtown, so make that 35 minutes away from the office. AND I get to drive home in the middle of rush hour! He only wants me there two hours of each persons 1-5. I will have a two hour drive home. I will be adding that time into my work day and will not be going back to the office afterwards. I will simply drive straight home. I won't even pass go to collect $200.

And if you think that is confusing, it is much worse in real life. We have switched this day on and off back and forth between the two of us, because this kid can't figure it out...does he want time with his brother? does he not? Would have made my life easier to be able to have this all down weeks before the actual day I am having to cover (which is how long he's known his bro was going to be in town)...

Ah to be 22 and carefree again. Methinks we will be having a talk with our young newbie about this one.


bronxbt said...

there is so much going on right now in my world. negative, positive, on 'da fence... i'm confused.

so, after reading your post, i honestly have nothing intelligent to say. in lieu of this brilliant newsflash, please hold this bunners until i can come up wif' something.

(\ /)
(< >)o

Anonymous said...

Ah, the folly of a youth of a mere 22.

(Here comes the problem-solving dad again. lol)

You might want to put the results of your discussion in writing, complete with consequences. Of course the owner should get a copy of it. You might also want to discuss it with the big boss first so he knows what you are up to.

Feel free to ignore any or all of the above, but not what is below. tee hee, woot, snerx.

Love, Dad