Thursday, December 28, 2006


Now that the Blogger team has gone from calling it "BLOGGER BETA" to the "NEW" Blogger, I'm more interested in changing over. You think they did research to see how people responded to BETA?

Not happening yet, but in my mind for sure.



PlazaJen said...

They keep asking me to switch & when I try to? Tell me I have one of those blogs that can't be switched. ARGH. I don't care, it'd be nice to do tags and stuff, but quit telling me I need to do it and then following up with "Oh, sorry, not YOU."

bronxbt said...

as a marketing director, you'd be a DREAM COME TRUE.

kinda like how products come out stating NEW and IMPROVED!

well... what was wrong with the other one?

i hate that.
makes me question my place in the universe fer sure.


Anonymous said...

I have changed mine. I started with a new beta blog and then changed all of them over.

So far things have worked out pretty well. There are a number of features I like. It is easier to customize the site colors and other things. I also like the capacity to label each posting.

It is also easier to add links and things. You just have to experiment a bit.

But you know me, I do like to tinker.

Good luck.

plazajen, sorry you are having mixed messages.