Thursday, December 21, 2006

when sleep isn't there

I tried to go to bed at an early time tonight. I was yawning all day at work and figured it'd be smart to get some extra Z's tonight. Kev's passed out due to the fact he's had to be AT work at 7:00 in the morning the past two mornings. And his work? It's crazy during the holiday time. So, he didn't get a lunch today and has been running around like his ass is on fire. Tonight, he crashed and burned.

I snuggled up all warm with cats on my legs...POP, eyes open. So here I sit. I would love to turn on lights and knit, but if I do that I fear I am only asking to be awake a lot longer. What I really want to do is go back to bed, turn on my light and do some crosswords. I think Kev would not appreciate that though and I don't want to annoy him when he's trying to get some quality sleep. However, he doesn't go in tomorrow until 2:00 or so...

I wish I had amazing and wonderful words to spill forth. Lately I feel as though I've nothing exciting to share. Is it the holidays? Can we blame them for everything?

I'm tired...holidays.

I'm wishy-washy...holidays.

I'm ready to poke someone in the eye...holidays.

It could work. It could work.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone needs some yoga.

Go to your special inner space and gather your energy about you.

It will protect you from the distractions that you you need protection from.

It may also help you to learn whatever lesson you are supposed to be learning from those distractions.

Just some thoughts.

Love you,


shannon said...

Yes, I did not get to go to practice yesterday which was disappointing. I will hopefully get a practice in soon, but I don't know when...

bronxbt said...

shanny... stay strong. i of all people can relate to the feelings and issues you're facing.

maybe depression isn't the word. self reflection.. reactions to things around us... needs that either are or maybe cannot be fulfilled...

stay communicative with Kev & your family. if you close up and shut them out like i have, i promise you that you will wither and die inside.

i'm trying to stop that onslaught, but it's so hard.

jes' remember your lurved by many, and every day is another chance to do it right this time.

happy holidays.



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