Friday, October 10, 2003


Woke up, got out of comb across my head though. Went to the kitchen to grab a cup and found ants in my kitchen!!! To quote my dear friend, Megan, crapdammit!!! They were along on teh floor at the edge by the current "sliding" door. I killed the lot of them (yes, as in dead) and used Windex to clean the area. I don't know if the ammonia will make it so the new ones can't follow the sweet, sweet trail the now deceased ones left, but I'll give it a try.

Work has been zooming by this week! I have been asked out for girls night, but not sure I am feeling like it. All I can say is, we'll see how I am feeling tonight after work. I guess Naomi and some of her girlies are meeting downtown at a bar and then going to a movie, which I had already told her I wouldn't go to (not that I don't want to see the movie, nor is it that I don't want to spend time with the girls- it's just that I have a long bus ride home from downtown and I am lame).

Listening to Katie on Today gooshing all over George Cloony. Kind of sickening, actually.

I got word from Dad today that Mom got to hang with Hazel again!! She and their cat have not been able to be in contact with each other as Mom's immune system has been getting stronger. They went to the doctor's yesterday and her levels are where they were hoping they would be at this time and now Mom does not have to go in every week, just every other. As soon as they got home Mom called Hazel, and within a few minutes of coaxing Hazel came to her for the much needed lap time/snuggle. YEA!!! She was told that it will take about a month for her to feel back to her regular strength, but I see Mom squashing that and feeling like herself sooner than that. I don't know why, perhaps it is because she is the woman who, on her first day home, vacuumed. I know it was to make sure that her environment was clean and bacteria free, but still...she vacuumed!! :)

Okay, must go and fix me some lunch to take with me.

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