Friday, October 17, 2003


I think I may have frightened some customers today. It did not stop them from buying, but it did leave them wondering who in the world they just purchased their new clogs from. I had too much caffiene and my first customer was a wacky woman whom, I think, rubbed off on me. She is the nicest woman, just a little off her rocker at times.

My bus ride home was quite interesting. I have a bus buddy, Bill. He's a nice enough guy, but not someone I would say, invite over for dinner. I also have met a guy, Matthew, through a friend of mine. He sometimes rides the bus at the same time as me in the evening. Tonight was one of those evenings. Matthew and I share the same energy and work well with each other. Bill was a bit frightened (he did admit this to me at one point). I assured poor Bill that it was the Coca-cola I had just finished drinking, but I don't think he believed me. I usually don't have the evil caffiene after 1:30 at the latest. At 5:45 I was drinking my last sip from the bottle. Buzz, buzz, buzz. You all think I talk fast when I am not hopped up on a caffiene high...boy howdy I was talking almost as fast as my sister (Love you Julianne!!!).

I am waiting for Kev to get home with dinner and the ingredients for the lasagna I am making for our dinner tomorrow night with Joe and Chaz. We hung out with Chaz on Tuesday for the ol' birthday and invited them to come see the house. The last time they both were here we were in the middle of painting and there was no furniture.

Today I left Kev a grocery list. At 5:45 he called my cell telling me he hadn't gone yet that he was still hanging with Chuck. To which I replied, "you might want to leave now since I'm not going with you when you do go." I really don't want to cook two dinners tonight, so let's hope there is still a rotisserie chicken left.

Okay, must go relax. I am starting to type as fast as I was talking on the bus and that scares me just a tad.


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