Wednesday, October 15, 2003


So, as most of my friends know, yesterday was my birthday. It started out as a regular day like any other. I got up, took a shower, ate breakfast and went to work. Then I got the wild hair to go out for a drink with friends after work. It was a great evening and everyone had a fabulous time, especially this birthday girl. It wasn't so much that I drank a lot, because in the scheme of things I had very little and was sober when we headed home, I just went to bed too late last night!!! When we got home I was antsy and stayed up puttering around the house. Not really doing anything productive, just staying awake because I could.

It's made for a tired day at work, but luckily time has not stood still, rather it's zipped by and I have less than an hour and a half before I get to head home and see...

our new sliding door!!! (I was going to be incredibly cool and load a picture, but all of that is saved on my computer at home and I can't remember how to get to my picture hosting site from anywhere else) Kev sent me a picture of it all installed and finished. I can hardly wait to see it and to open it with the greatest of ease.

As it is right now, I am planning on going home and collapsing onto one of the couchs and not moving until it's time to collapse on the bed. I will probably change into my pj's as soon as I walk through the door. I am hoping Kev has kept up on laundry, as he promised he would, but we'll see.

Okay, now that I have "wasted" some time I should go clean up my desk. I come in on Tuesdays (I know today is Wednesday, just hang in there...I do have a point) and it is so clean. By Wednesday it's got a few more things piled on it and by Friday you can forget about actually seeing the top of it. Once Saturday rolls around I know I have to leave it clean for my co-worker so I clean it up. Actually that is a bit of a streching of the truth...I tend to clean it up as I go throughout the week. But as it stands right now, mess.

Now, I bid you all adieu.

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