Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Nothing too exciting

So I ended up writing up orders and doing some tedious paperwork last night. I know, "one shouldn't bring home work" but I have not been able to get these things done at work and I needed to get them done.

Kev called me a couple of times last night when the band was playing two of the songs I had hoped they'd play Monday night. Jerk. :) He had a great time, although I have not spoken to him much about it...unless I spoke in my sleep last night (a possibility).

We are going to head up to Seattle this weekend. We have not seen our friends Darrel and Megan and their little girl, Vivian, in over a year and a half. They bought a house 1 1/2 years ago and had been on us to get there so we could help with various projects, but it couldn't happen until this weekend. I am also going to visit Ahmed's friend's clog shop there too. I know, it's work, but I want to see the place I call every so often. I also heard that Viv is in her gold, metallic clogs I sent at the beginning of summer. I will have to take loads of pictures!!!

I am quite excited about December, I know it is a ways away, but the fact that my family is coming for Christmas is just wonderful. I have been testing recipes to make while they are here. I know I will be making clam chowder!!! I tried it this past weekend and even though Kev was skeptical when I told him I was going to make it, he loved it!! He even went so far as to buy a can of chowder just in case it was horrible. That can is still in our cabinet! Homemade cheesy crescent rolls too, not sure if they will be part of the menu, or if I will find another roll recipe I like better. I know, it's only October, but anyone who knows me knows I like to plan in advance. I am my mother's daughter!!!

Talked with Juan, our neighbor, last night. We talked a bit about spliting the cost of a chain link fence to run between our properties. I told him I'd talk to Kev and let him know. We had been wanting to put up a privacy fence, but teh more I started thinking, the more I thought we could maybe plant some trees like the ones that are sheilding us in the front, from his driveway. I will have to talk to our landscaper (our friend who owned his own landscape business in Eugene, OR a little while ago before moving to Portland). He said he'd help-for food. He suggested trade, I suggested feeding him. He liked the idea. I am sure I mentioned him and our deal before, but just a quick refresher.

Okay, going to finish my coffee and get my things together so I can head out to the bus in 40 minutes.

I know, excitment abounds.

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