Tuesday, October 21, 2003

ahhhhh, work

Yesterday was so nice to see the girls. We went to Washington Sqauare Mall and walked around. I tried to spend my Gap gift certificate my sister sent for my birthday, but no luck. I think that this Sunday will be different. You see, this weekend Jill and Chaslyn and I are going for a girls day out. We are all looking forward to it! It's been so long since the last girls day that I can't remember when it was.

Today at work has blown by! It helps that I started with the funniest ladies this morning! They just stopped back by with another woman who is with them (for a work convention). Boy, I have laughed both times they have been in today. I told them they had to come by towards 6 to make me laugh some more before I had to head home. One of them mentioned happy hour... I love work when I have great customers in. Very rarely I get real pieces of work in (am I tempting fate?!?!) that are so unhappy with life that they have to take it out on everyone around them. But that is usually few and far between.

Most of you know now that Kev's no longer with Enterprise. I back his choice 100% and am not worried of him finding work. He is quite marketable and I know that whatever job he wants and applies for will be his. That being said, he has been enjoying his time off. I have left him chore lists occasionally, but he's done quite a bit around the house on his own. I am hoping that since today is oddly beautiful (70's and sunny) that he is painting the eaves. I can not promise you that he has, but we can all hope.

Well dear readers, I am going to take my leave. I have some work to do, as it is my Monday and I have paperwork from the weekend to catch up on. I will post more as more happens.

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