Monday, October 13, 2003

tee hee

Finally my friend Kerri updated her blog. I was just getting ready to update mine, thought I'd cruise by her address and see if I could indeed give her a lump of trouble here. Nope, she's too fast...

Kevin and I just got back from an afternoon of mild running around. We are now home and preparing ourselves to do some home stuff. Mainly clean the place and discuss when we should really paint the one tall wall that remains purple in our cave. Do we think the family room and hall need some type of molding around the ceiling? What kind of repair we'll have to do when the guys are done installing the sliding doors on Wednesday? The list goes on.

I have made one new pillow for the blue sofa and have another in the works. It's softer and squishier than the ones that came with it, and it is a nice cream fabric that has quilted diamonds on it (Don't worry Mom, the cover comes off so I can wash it!!).

Okay, going to head out.

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!


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