Thursday, October 02, 2003

no chain link

At least those were the words uttered by Kevin. I am inclined to agree, as I really don't like chain link. I just am at a loss figuring out how we will tell Juan. We want to be good neighbors and have a great relationship with him, but we do enjoy our privacy in the backyard. I was thinking we could tell him we like the wood fences better and were planning on putting one up next spring, but who knows.

Have had some fabulous conversations via email at work with a customer. She ordered a couple of pairs of clogs to be shipped to her in Canada and we got to talking yesterday when she placed the order over the phone. Just an hour ago she emailed me about their new kitten that they had to pts(put to sleep) last night due to a fatal virus kittens sometimes get (maybe something similar to distemper). I was honored that she would know she could write me about it. I emailed her back telling her just that.

It's been a slow day at Ye' Olde Clog Shoppe. I still have boxes that I need to get unpacked, but every time I try to people come in. It's not a shopping day though and usually I come back up front answer a question or two and they leave. Ah well, the world of retail is a fickle one indeed. I have to say though that the day has been zipping by. I will soon be heading home to try out another new recipe.

Last night's "Spicy Beef Salad" left a little to be desired. The beef, although Kev put it in the marinade before I got home (late once more) didn't have the kick either of us thought it would. Tonight we have a "Tequila Chicken Fettuccine." We'll see. Don't know how the two flavors will taste together, but we are up for new things!!

So, upon ending todays installment I will send out this...

I have not gotten one real email since Saturday the 27th!!! I know you all get a look into "our world" because of this blog, but I have not heard what is going on with all my friends in too long!!!

Hello, anyone there?!!?

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