Monday, October 20, 2003

our thrilling weekend

Okay, now that I have your attention...

Saturday night, our friends Joe and Chaz come for dinner. Lasagna is really good, wine is tasty, salad- out of this world. You ask, "can a salad really be that good?" To which I answer, "Yes." I don't know what Chaz did, but she makes a mean salad!! We watched A Mighty Wind afterwards. One of the funniest movies I have ever seen!!! Russ, you should really give it a try. I know you didn't like Waiting for Guffman, but Wind is funnier!!!!! Everyone, rent this movie now!!!

Sunday, was not all that thrilling, I did get Kev to go with me to a fabric store. I had to get some things for a pillow I am making for a wedding. So, I did finish that pillow yesterday. Boy howdy it is beautiful, if I do say so myself. I took it with me to Jill's, but that comes after the haircuts...

I got my hair cut and it looks FABULOUS!! I have found a new hairsylist (actually Jill found her and shared). I looked at myself in Suzette's mirror and thought that I actually looked like a grown up woman. And it didn't feel like the wrong hair style on me. It used to be, with my former stylist, that she'd put so much goop in my hair I'd get a headache. With Suzette I can not wash it the next day and it still looks great. She's from the school of thought that less is more. I love her!!!

After Jill got her hair cut (yes, appointments on the same day) Kev and I went to her and Mark's apartment and drank nice wine and ate cold pizza. Both were quite lovely. I took my latest creation to show my dear friend and get feedback from her. Jill loved the pillow. She said if the recipients did not like it or appreciate it that she would give it a good home. I guess that means she really was impressed with it. After the wedding I will post a picture of it. I don't think the bride or groom read the blog, but you can never be too careful. (I guess they know what they are getting now, if they do read it, but they have no idea how absolutely beautiful it is!!!)

Today is Monday and I am going to meet the girls from the apartments. I have not seen Kerry or Betsy in a long time!! It is going to be so nice to see them. I am going to pick them (with Manny-Kerry's baby) up and we are going to go out to a mall. Oooooh ahhhhh! It's a nice place to walk around and not get rained on. Which rain is in the forcast so it's a good thing we're going there. Plus, it won't be as busy today with the kids back in school.

Well, on that note I must go take a shower and then clean out the trunk. I have to make space for Manny's pram.

Bye for now...

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