Monday, July 16, 2007

kamikaze butterflies return

Our offer was rejected. (the word contingent scared the hell out of them, I suppose. Even with bumpable listed as well.)

Their price reduced. (lower than our offer)

We've got wind that the couple who viewed our house Sunday, love it and are getting their pre-approval letter together so they can make an offer. (which I joked about being what would happen, so color me stunned, excited, hopeful, guarded)

Wouldn't it be a gas if we got the house we offered on for at least 16,000 less than the original listing price?!?

Again, things happen when they are supposed to. Thank you Universe. :)


PlazaJen said...

That would be awesome! I hope it all works out (well, it WILL all work out, but it'd be nice to have it smoothly rotate and click into place over a three-day period, eh?)

Jack K. said...

And the universe says, "You are most welcome. Keep up your good works."

bronxbt said...

the level of potential goodness coming both your way is overwhelming...

oh shanny, my very best hopes go out to you both.

** fingers crossed **


Becky said...

Well, hopefully once you go into contract on your house (and the buyers have a pre-approval), the sellers of the house you really want will be less nervous.