Wednesday, July 04, 2007


It is the fourth and for many people here in the ol' USA that means exploding things and eating way too many hot dogs or hamburgers. For us it means (at least this year) getting the house cleaned to sparkling, having an electrician out to look at an outlet, and THEN going to our friends house for cooking out and enjoying the rest of the day. We will be home before the explosions start.

I've got about an hour before the electrician guy is supposed to come out with Steve, our contractor. Although I feel funny calling Steve OUR contractor since we've only ever used him for suggestions and ideas (something he says he is TOTALLY comfortable and happy doing since most of the work people have him come do is stuff they could easily do themselves...which he went on to say to call him anytime we had a project and if he could, he'd walk us through it). Anyway...they are coming around 9:00. Alia (realtor) will be here between 11 and noon to take photos and measure. If she doesn't have one of those digital ones that you hold up against the wall and point at the other wall, I'm going to get her one as a gift (and maybe paint a gnome on it...she collects gnomes).

The kitchen is ready. All I have to do is take the list off the fridge and the CostCo sized box of dog treats off the counter (Kev can do that because there is a CostCo sized spider living in it as well which ICKS me out!!).

We have to clean the rest of the house and clean up the front yard, but when Kev gets up (which should be soon if he keeps hearing me cleaning) it will take no time. We'll have it all done before our photo gal gets here. :) I can't wait to see Alia. She's such an amazingly energized and fun woman.

Okay, back to the cave. Must pick up clutter (and try not to throw anything away Kev might need).

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Jack K. said...

Still have that thang about spiders, eh? The name game doesn't work? tee hee

I can hardly wait to see the photos. You have done so much work on the house and I'm proud that you are able to do a lot of the stuff yourself. It's also good to have a contractor as a friend.

Clean up the cave. If something goes missing, it wasn't very important in the first place. Remember the Saturday box? Just a thought from a meddlesome parent.

Give our best to Alia. You are so right, she is a bundle of positive energy. Spend as much time with her as you can. Positiveness is contagious. BTW, send a shot of it my way. giggle