Monday, July 02, 2007

not quite right

Looking at this house online, it was THE one. :) When we toured it, not so much. It was a sweet house, but it lacked something. The space was just a bit odd. The front right window (when looking at the house) is one of the bedrooms. It was not a bad size, but just a bit of an odd placement. The bathroom had over sized, kitchen, cabinetry and the second "bedroom" on the main level should really have been touted as a dining room (even though it really didn't have that feel).

The hardwoods were fir, old fir. They were gorgeous, except in the back part of the house (the kitchen, second bedroom, bathroom) they used the peel and stick tiles over it all. WHY?!?! I'm sure there was some damage, but someone would be willing to fix them up...

The basement had a usable space for me for a craft space, and was plenty light, but the space was cut up and the storage was a bit odd. The attic, which was converted into a third bedroom, had the odd ceilings and what not. It was paneled with wood (that fake 70's crap) and hot.

The backyard was almost all hardscaped with beds and ponds. So. many. ponds. There was no space for Josie to do her thang. We could have made it into a great yard, but at the price and the amount we'd have to put into it...nope.

So we continue to look.


Becky said...

I could not stand to have a place where the master bedroom is in the front of the house like that. I always say that a man probably designed those houses b/c women would never want their bedrooms that close to the street. It just feels very vulnerable.

Jack K. said...

Sounds like you are using good judgment when looking at houses. The curbside look is important, but not the end.

Josie MUST have space to do her thang. Glad to know you are looking out for my good friend. tee hee.

I look forward to more properties. One of them will obviously be a home.