Friday, July 27, 2007

coming home

No, this is not a post about a house. This is a post about work.

I've worked for my boss for almost six (!) years now. For five and a half of those I worked downtown, five days a week, on the sales floor. Now my job has changed and I'm more of a "girl of many hats and too many clogs." That will be the title on my next card, I swear it!

I'm covering for someone who is out of town. It's pretty nice, working in my former store. We had someone else working here for a while. He recently quit. He'd done all kinds of things to the shop (hanging things up, etc) trying to make it more hip and cool. Yeah, it didn't quite feel right (I mean hell, it's a clog store...hip and cool seem wrong). He's since gone and the current full timer and I agreed that certain things needed to come down. It's already feeling more like home again.

I'm just hoping that some of my regulars come in today!!

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