Thursday, July 26, 2007


Alia wrote me that she got a "sign call" today.

In my imagination:

...a young couple are looking online to find their first home. They're approved up to 200,000. They go to the computer, excited to see what is out there for them. At the rmls site the enter 2 Bedrooms, 1 bath, 200,000.

In the many that pop up, the couple see a sweet little blue house with white trim and a red door. Their eyes widen and they turn to each other, smiling. They decide to do a drive by of the neighborhood to see if they like it as much in person from the street as they did in a little photo. They do. They stop the car in front of the house and call Alia.

She calls and leaves a message on the couple's phone. While I'm at work tomorrow, Kev will have to get the diggity out of the house because Alia has heard back and they want to see inside. We'll get a call on Saturday that we have an offer. I'll feel like the biggest winner of all times as I head off to Vegas.


Monika said...

Sorry to have to leave the info here. You wanted to know where I got the Chelsea bag pattern:
Here you go! ;o) They have nice fabric too!

Jack K. said...

Your mother and I are quite excited for you. We will be on pins and needles until we know.

I will be teaching this weekend so will have to wait until I get home, unless your mother tells me when I call to let her know I am on the way.

Love ya,


Becky said...

Whoo-hoo! Congratulations! I bet it's a huge sigh of relief for you. Are you going to try to put in for the other house that you like now?