Saturday, July 14, 2007

and the beat goes on

Well, nobody has asked to see our little gem yet, but since we've only had it on the market three days, I'm not too worried. :)

Alia is bringing by the agent to the house we...put an offer in show him she's priced it right. Of course it is a contingent offer. Yes, we can afford to live in the house mom and dad. We've looked at numbers, we have discussed everything.

The weather is working with us again and it's been cooling down. From what Alia says, people don't like to look at houses in the heat. We did on Wednesday so I think everyone else are wimps. :) She had clients cancel on her Thursday because "it's too hot to go anywhere." I told her they were lightweights. She laughed.

Kev said to me last night, "She's really good." I agree. She's on top of her game. She's having us sign buyers agent contracts on a per house basis. Meaning we're not locked into her if this house doesn't work, she leaves her company, or we end up finding her incompetent. We won't, of course.

I post about the selling of our house, the offer being made on the other house and everything because I am not superstitious. If this house is meant to be ours, it will be. I can see us in it. I can see the cats loving the fireplaces. I can see Josie adoring the backyard. I can see the remodeled bathroom. I can see it.

I can also see our little gem selling quickly. I just can.

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Jack K. said...

Alia is one smart agent. I like the idea of her bringing the other agent by to see your house for two reasons:

1. That agent will know you are serious and your agent knows what she is doing.

2. That agent may just know a buyer who would love to buy your house.

I also agree with her idea of individual agency agreements for each house you look at. I hadn't heard about that before, but it makes sense.

We are excited for you.


Dad and Mom