Sunday, July 08, 2007


My dear Chuck is in town for this week. He got in on Friday and is here until NEXT Monday. Right this very moment he and Kevin are out back sitting by a fire in our fire pit, drinking beer. I had been out there, but I figured they needed some "guy" time. And I had muffins in the oven that needed to be tended to. What?

It's been a little while since he left us here. I can't even tell you how much I miss having him around. I'm not entirely convinced that he is happy with the move, but he made it and it's what he has to do right now. I have no doubt he'll be back...soon (within two years at most)

We had him over for dinner, because that is what we do. We feed bachelors who appreciate a home cooked meal. We started a fire in the pit, because that is what we do. We burn all the wood that came off the cherry tree a while ago (I do not want to talk about how long it's been in a pile out back). We drink beer and share stores, because that is what we do. We catch up with friends who are more like family.

Josie was beside herself when he came through the door. She really acted the way I wanted to, wiggly and licking him. Okay, perhaps I didn't want to wiggle. :)

I have informed him that he is staying the night, I will go to work, come home to get them for lunch and then take him back to the other friends house he is staying at. He agreed. Isn't that sweet? He thought he had a choice.

I now smell like a campfire. The bedroom smells like a campfire.

Mmmm, campfire.


Becky said...

That's sweet. I like playing "platonic wife" to one of Ted's friends as well. I'm so envious that you have a house and a BBQ pit.

Jack K. said...

Good friends are sometimes difficult to find. When you do find them, then you do what is necessary to develop the friendship. That is what we do.

Love ya,


Monika said...

Reading this post makes me want to have a "Chuck" too!
Regarding your comment on "overboard", I'm "quick" to act spontainiously and walk out, but I did that a few times in other situations, which were redicilous (not fiber related). For me to do something like that, it must have been really offensive.
I'm not a sales clerk, never was, but good old common sense, would never allow to say something like that to a customer! ;o)
Now back to your post, could you send Chuck over for a visit? ;o)

Monika said...

Alright, I meant to say, I'm NOT quick usually. I can't think of a clever response until way after the fact most of the time. ;o)