Thursday, July 19, 2007

remembering to breathe

We still haven't heard from the original couple who we thought were interested in our little gem of a house. It's fine. Perhaps they couldn't get the loan. Perhaps they got more than they thought and got house hungry, wanting to see what else was out there. Perhaps they've had a hard time getting the pre-approval letter together and we'll still hear from them.

I still think our house will not be long on the market. However, the house we really love (remember, the one our offer got rejected on then they lowered their price LOWER than the offer, remember that one?) may or may not be there waiting. Alia has sent along a few other homes to check out next week. They are cute, but still a bit further out than we'd wanted. And, I noticed ones master is 9x9. That's tiny!

I'm really trying to keep in mind the positive things and be okay with whatever happens. It's just hard, waiting for the call that is going to make my heart sing and the adrenaline rush. Waiting isn't easy. But I will be patient. Because our next home is going to be worth the wait!


Jack K. said...

isn't it interesting how the lessons we are supposed to learn come to us?

It will all come out right. I'm glad you have the patience.

Love ya,


Adrianne said...

Breath in, breath out, slowly. When the time is right, everything will fall into place, just like it is supposed to.

bronxbt said...

it was the hardest thing i've done in a long while to sign those papers saying, "okay, sell my house."

it's put a lot of your heart and soul out there on the buyer/seller's market chopping block!

stay strong dear! you guys'll do fine and i do not doubt that all good things will come your way.


Becky said...

It's always such a stressful process, but I have my fingers crossed for you:)

Cari said...

I think you know how it worked out for me ;)