Sunday, July 22, 2007

went well

We just got back from lounging in the out of doors. We both had our Harry Potter books (Kev's reading the final one, I'm rereading the 6th). Josie was great (a bit of whining, but really good overall).

Alia said there were five groups that came through, not counting the two nosey neighbors and Jill and Mark. She said that the people we purchased it from came through. The only thing that upset the dad was the fact that the solar system mural had been painted over. Alia handled it great, though. Just said it didn't work with our decor...etc. He also wanted to know how we made the paint stick so nicely to the walls. What primer?!? Alia said she wasn't sure. He wouldn't let up so she finally said, "I'm pretty sure it was Benjamin Moore." That seemed to work for him.

So Wednesday we'll be looking at more houses. I sent her quite the list. We'll hit 7/8 she said, not all 12.

So, St. Joe may be bought in the near future...we shall see.

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Becky said...

I have to admit that Open Houses never really worked for me in that they were usually filled with nosy neighbors or people that weren't really that interested but just happen to drive by the sign. It's funny how people get so personal with the changes that the new buyers make.