Sunday, July 08, 2007

don't fence me in

Friday night Jill and I made plans. We were making these plans over drinks. We decided that when I woke up on Saturday morning (which I warned her could be as early as 7:00) that I would call her and pick her up.

7:30 came and I was up, dressed and ready. I gave her a call and set off to pick her and her wheelbarrow up. We dropped it off at home, took some measurements and were off to the Deep Hole for wood, cement, brackets, and screws. In no time Jill had the hole dug out. I was helping and something snapped in my left wrist (true story). She is an amazing friend and just kept on digging out the hole. We filled it with cement and set our post in. Taped it to the house and wedged it with a 2x4 before heading for lunch.

We have a beautiful bit of fence built and done. All by 2:30 yesterday afternoon! We'd originally planned of finishing it today, but because it was just moving so quickly and easily, we figured why not start and finish it all in one day?

Last night we sat around, drinking our margaritas and patting ourselves on our backs. It feels good to have this one last large item on MY list taken care of. Now Kev just has to paint the laundry space, finish the last details of the bathroom fan surround and help me hang the downspouts. I suppose I might wash a few windows while I'm at it as well...hush up Dad!! :)

Pictures are forth coming, but I have a horn that I just had to toot now! TOOT!!!

Updated: Now with picture! And guess what else is up (but you can't see)...the downspouts! Kev's currently finishing up the paint job in the laundry room.

It's happening's happening.


Jack K. said...

Mumble, mumble, mumble.

You do great work. My best to Jill your most faithful friend. You know she will help you bury the body. giggle.

Great photos.

Glad Kev got his butt in gear too.

Give him my congrats.

windows? what windows? snerx.

Jack K. said...

Mom is impressed with your handiwork too.