Sunday, July 22, 2007

almost ready

I have vacuumed the majority of the house, with the exception being the bedroom. Kev's still in bed, sleeping. I've nudged him once, with about half an hour until Alia gets here. I will nudge him again, shortly, if I don't hear him getting up.

It's been easy, getting ready for open houses and other viewings. We've kept it cleaned up so all I ever have to do is run the vacuum. I dusted as well. Easier to do when you don't have a layer of clutter to pick up and put away before dusting/vacuuming. I'm sure my Mom was trying to explain this to us our whole lives.

So today, in about 40 minutes, our house will be open to people who want to come and look at it. I've got a list together of homes to look at on Wednesday with Alia. We're not giving up on our house (the one we love), but we figured we should have a plan B, just in case. And who knows, maybe we'll find a house we love even more?!

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