Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I am closing one of our stores today because Suzy needed to go babysit her grand kids. I'd forgotten how quiet this store can be in its last hour of being open. It's not bad, but it's quiet. I had to stay later tonight anyway because it's knit night and I figured it'd be better to go there from here since there is closer to here than home.

I'm steadily working up the front of this sweater and plan on getting a good amount done tonight. I am looking forward to sitting and knitting with my girlfriends. There will be wine and perhaps food. I hope there is food. I really couldn't care about the wine to tell you the truth. I'm not much for it right now.

Kev had off today. It was a good thing since he got home near 4:00 am this morning. Inventory. Sucky, but from what he says the people who conduct the inventory (they hire off site peeps) said it was an easy one since he had gotten the store so organized. I guess the former manager really wasn't all that neat and orderly.

Things with my Grandma are not sounding all that grand. She's in the hospital and really fighting for life. Personally, I think she should allow her body to go. She's had a hard life and with her dementia she's not had a very quality filled life these last few years. I almost feel as though I lost my Grandma a few years ago...It is hard, but it's almost harder watching her go through this last stage.

Okay, on that bright and cheery note...I'm out!


Jack K. said...

I know what you mean, kiddo, about losing her a few years ago. The times when she is lucid, her sense of humor is still as sharp as ever. Too bad she can't get to that space as often as we would like.

I do like to remember the good times.

Love ya,


PS: Blogspot must be going through some drug related ailment. This is the second site where I tried to publish a comment and I was asked to verify the letters more than twice. And now I am being asked to do it again. I wonder if it is because I like to preview prior to publishing?

Jack K. said...

Hooray! I pushed publish and it worked. But will it take it now? We shall see.

Adrianne said...

I was sorry to hear that she is doing so bad. I'm with you, she should let her body go. Remember all the good times you had with her, and all the stories she told.

Love you.

Becky said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother, but I know what you mean about when they get to that point and you just want them to let go.

Thanks for the tip on the clogs, btw.