Sunday, February 04, 2007

and i didn't gain 20 lbs!

I had a great time in Vegas. It was filled with much walking, a little bit of gambling, more walking, some looking at shoes, a little more walking, listening and cheering of more and more companies and their drive to become more "green", followed by some walking, and a smidgen of drinking. Seriously, just a smidgen. I don't lie.

I've played roulette and even enjoyed it. Wendy didn't want to play alone and let's just say I had more in my pockets when we left Vegas than when we got there. True story. I lost some on the penny slots, but not more than what I'd made on the penny slots. So all in all, I came home ahead!

We saw some great shoes and some even better people. I got to see my favorite people from Dansko whom I'd met a couple of years ago when Kev and I went to PA for a friends wedding. It was great to get hugs from my girls!

We got to visit with the owner of Troentorp, one of the manufacturers we carry whose factory is in Sweden. Got to bounce ideas off of him and his American half (Paul owns the factory, John owns the warehouse in MN). I got to voice my opinions about styles and colors, which they asked for me to send more as they come to mind.

I had the smoothest margarita I've ever tasted in my life. They went down so easily, but not at a fast pace, or too many in numbers.

Charles and I got to really have some good talks about where we see the shops going, who is going to do certain things (like interviewing people, etc) and who will do other things (like writing up the orders, etc). Ahmed and Wendy were adorable and it was great to have the time with them, away from Portland.

I am home now and waiting for the Super Bowl to start. We have friends coming over and more good times will be had.


Jack K. said...

Glad to hear all went so well in Vegas.

It's great to have people ask for your opinion and really mean it. I hope they take your ideas to heart.

Visiting with co-workers in a neutral location to hash out the working relationship is great. I bet Ahmed was/will be pleased with the outcome.

Roulette? Never tried it. Glad you learned to walk away a winner. Remember the day at the Woodlands? I remember with great fondness. You were a winner then, too. You are always a winner in my book.

Maybe I'm a tad bit biased.



bronxbt said...

vegas rulz and my game of choice is roulette! i play the outside area of the board and milk it a little...