Tuesday, February 27, 2007

hack hack sniffle

I am NOT getting sick. There, I said it. I may be coughing this morning and having to blow my nose, but I am NOT getting sick. I refuse! It used to be I could convince my body to not get sick simply by saying those words (or at least it seemed like that was what happened since I felt sick, I said those words with conviction, I stopped feeling sick). Lucky for me, I am only on the floor today and Saturday. Although I'd really prefer to not get sick since this week will be filled with much work on window displays and just general running around. I am thinking on Thursday, after yoga, Jill and I will run to the hardware store to get some things I need for the first display at the new store. I want to run her by the shop so she can see what we are working with (I say we and I when talking with her about the displays as well...she's helping, which I appreciate so very much).

So, I can't get sick. I have too much crap to do.

I drank an Emergen-C this morning so I hope that helps...

I am NOT getting sick.

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