Sunday, February 11, 2007

one dog yacking

The time is 1:00 AM and I am awakened by the sound of Josie expelling dinner on the floor in the hallway. She does not like getting sick (who does) and occasionally she will go slipping and sliding all over the floor because she tips herself up onto her toe nails and attempts to walk. I'm not sure what she is trying to do by walking (slipping) this way (other than freak herself out sufficiently), but when she does, I try to be there to hold her. Thankfully she did not do that this morning because as she is freaking herself out, when I am woken from a deep sleep to that sight I get freaked out too...I always fear and think (and still wonder about) seizure.

Usually she will come to my side of the bed and she'll be smacking her lips (it's her tell). She did not do that last night (that I recall) and instead I woke to the sound of one dog yacking in the hall. New alarm tone? It is a sound that would get anyone out of bed quickly so they can assess the damage and make sure the animal in question is leaning over the hardwoods.

She seems fine this morning and is currently tucked in bed with Kev and Simon. Not sure where Chloe is (although she just had her yacking turn a second ago).

A "mothers" work is never done, from what I hear. I am just wondering when Simon is going to yack so I can clean that up too.

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PlazaJen said...

Ooof. That's one of the worst sounds in the world. Here's to the week getting off to a better start & stabler tummies!!!!