Tuesday, February 06, 2007

whole lotta nothin'

Yesterday was exactly what I needed after walking for almost four days straight. I woke around 7:30 to feed everyone and then came out to the cave and sat. I sat all day. I sat and watched dumb television. I sat as I ate. I sat sat sat.

I'm ready to get to work today. I've got to call a few people to set up a few interviews. I have to write up the interview questions and print them out for note taking. I've got a clean store to see (the entire time we were gone when we'd speak with Drew he'd have a new something to tell us about...like shelves he made for outgoing transfers).

Mainly, I have work to do. I am ready. I am thankful. I am glad I got to sit yesterday. It allowed me to re-energize and get prepared for the next six months (this show happens every six months). I had a blast and would do it all again, exactly the same.

Oh and B- roulette was how I won the "big" money I did. :) I liked it best on the first day we were there (Wednesday) because the min bets were only $5.00. :)

As for the Super Bowl...halftime was the best halftime EVER!!! Prince, oh do not get me going...he was amazing!

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Jack K. said...

Glad to hear you are rarin' to go. Nothing like a successful buying/networking trip to get you back on track.

Resting up after the trip/game festivities is good too.

Go get 'em kiddo.