Saturday, February 10, 2007

thanks, kids

So I wanted to thank you three who answered the question in the last post. I didn't think it was a legal document either, unless signed...etc. The woman who was making a point of telling me I was wrong does work for us already. She just likes to be right about things all the time, has a big opinion, but she's not the type to sue or anything like that because she's as good as family to us (I know, there are cases of family suing family...but this is different).

Anyway, that is boring. Work, THREE SALES and I'm halfway through my day. What gives people?!

Okay, one small "rush" later and the tally is only up two pairs more. Ugh.

I'm going to do some research on foot ailments. Fun, no?


bronxbt said...

it's the least i could do since i don't wear clogs, dear...



Jack K. said...

Research is good. Glad things are working out.

I'm probably going to go to bed early this evening. It has been a long, wonderful, working weekend. I'm plumb tuckered.

Love ya,