Tuesday, February 27, 2007


~ I got a call from our vet today just to check on Josie and to tell me about her labs. Wow. I really like our vet quite a bit. I told her she is the reason we keep going back to the office. She and the office staff. She was blushing on the other end of the phone.

~ As the day progresses my stomach has been feeling less and less happy. I keep getting told to drink tea, put on my scarf, take it easy, _________ (fill in the blank). My throat is also feeling a bit nasty, that lovely postnasal drip crap.

~ The thought of sitting and knitting sounds so yummy right now. Although when I get home just sitting might be happening. Sometimes, when I'm not feeling grand, knitting takes too much energy.

~ It has been raining nonstop today. Normally we have a bit of a break here and there, but not today. It's been just ugly out. Of course it is Portland in the winter...so I shouldn't complain.

~ I can hardly believe this is my third post of the day. Funny thing, none have been stellar. All have been boring and random. Which is to say my life is rather boring and random these days?

~ Celery is the best thing on the face of the planet right now. I actually am wanting some right now, but with the lack of a good grocery store downtown and none in my fridge...probably won't be having any today. Ah well.

~ Josie's pills almost cost $80.00 until the pharmacist at Rite Aide told me they would price match if I wanted to take all the time to call around...I did and it cost not even $15.00! Oh yeah, always call around!

~ Time has flown today. I'm nearing the last two hours of my day at work. This brings me joy.

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Becky said...

Wow, they really get you on the pills for they pets, don't they? Good thing you called around. It was really crappy up here for two days and now it's all sunny, though most of the 'burbs are covered in snow now:(