Thursday, February 15, 2007

day late, dollar short?

So Kev and I have only ever "celebrated" Valentines Day one year and that was the first year we were together. I made what I think is a beautiful piece of art (although calling something I made art gives me the feeling of being a fraud because I do not make a living off of what I create) anywho, I made this beaded thing of beauty and it still hangs on our bedroom wall. After I made that I thought to myself, "well, hell! I just shot my load and will never be able to top that!" It's when I told him that the holiday that is perpetuated by Hallmark didn't really have a place in my world. (I was thinking I'd go snap a photo of it right now, but the camera is at work waiting to capture the photo for my next "sucky" ad).

The words of Stephanie really rang true with me and I could hardly write anything more eloquent or true (of course, she IS a writer who gets PAID for writing).

I will say that last night I got to spend the evening dining with my dear Kevin as well as our wonderful friend, Chuck. We only get a bit more time with Chuck as he's heading out to answer some questions he has. He's heading to his parents home in Michigan to spend time with them as their health is waning. It makes me love him more.

Love is about support and trust and knowing that you believe in the other.

So celebrate how you need and in what way is true for you.

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