Monday, February 26, 2007

gotta give him credit

Last week we made an appointment to take Josie to the vet. It's her yearly check to talk about the "peep" pills she takes and redo the prescription. It's refills are good for a year. We also want to talk about the mysterious bald spots that are cropping back up on her right side. The last time we had a different vet look at her and he simply put her on Benadryl. No talks of scrapings. He did blood work, but that came back with no information.

Anyway, I made the appointment with Kev so that we both could go. It's at 10:00, so a little less than an hour now. I wake Kev up at 9:10 to let him know it's time to start getting ready. He says to me, after laying there for a while, "Would you be upset if I didn't go?" To which I replied, "Yes, yes I would. I arranged the time with your input so we could both go."

Hey, he tried, right? I'm just glad he didn't just come out with, "I am not going." He's now in the shower getting himself ready to head to see Dr. Horlings. Josie is excited because there is movement in the house and she thinks she's getting to go somewhere fabulous. Yeah, she might be sad in a few...

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