Monday, December 22, 2008


The word has been sent out that we are going to plan on opening tomorrow. Even if it's late, but we're shooting for regular hours.

I am going to walk to Hawthorne and then if I need to, I will bus it from there downtown. I think everyone should be okay for getting in. All of them can catch a bus to work (even the ladies who work at the mall).

It's critical we open. This time of year is not the time of year we retailers want to be closed for many days.

I just hope tomorrow is a hair warmer. Even if it were in the 30's would be lovely.


Jack K. said...

I wish you well and a prosperous season.

Love ya,


Becky said...

They're saying we're getting more snow tonight, so I think we're going to take two steps backwards in terms of the roads. Fortunately, they're better today than yesterday so most people are here.

bronxbt said...

happy holiday to all of you slightly down south!

hope you all stay safe, warm, and otherwise extremely happeh' wif' yer bad selves.



StarSpry said...

I hope it's warmed up a bit for you! We've finally gotten a bit warmer here in Denver :)

Happy holidays to you and your family!!