Saturday, December 20, 2008

it's coming doooown

Every single time it snows, ever since I met Jill and she introduced me to the band... I have one particular song that runs through my brain. Trip Shakespeare, Snow Days.

It really is coming down today. Just like the weather folks predicted. I woke to snow falling, I sit here at my desk with snow falling outside. Dinner plans have been canceled (for the safety of those invited over) and other plans are in the works (the boys who live across the street need to eat).

I've been flitting through the house taking photos as Kev's been making breakfast (mmm, pancakes and bacon).

Our favorite by far is this one of Simon and Josie...

okay, breakfast is ready


Becky said...

It's just starting to snow in our area and is still pretty light, though I believe it's supposed to pick up as the night goes on (along with some fierce winds). Stay warm! I love the picture of the animals looking outside at the snow :)

Gail said...

Too cute!

Monika said...

Breakfast sounds good! It IS a wonderful picture of the furries! :o)

Jack K. said...

"Where are those squirrels? Have you seen them?

We had a light breakfast this AM. Too much food and drink at last night's get together. It was great fun.

Love ya,