Monday, December 22, 2008


It snowed more last night. We're officially snowed in. Just opening the door this morning to let Josie out was a trial. There was a broom involved, a dog with a full bladder...

I sent out a text to the staff telling them it was up to them, but we were calling it. So, snow day in Portland. Not the time we want a snow day, right before the holidays. Hopefully people will come in after and buy the clogs they would've bought if they could get out of their houses.

I am thankful for the roof over our head and the warmth coming from the vents. I would not want to be living on the streets right now. Of course this city has done some amazing things and set up warming stations all over the city, but I don't think it will save every single person who lives out on the streets. Some people did not want to leave the few meager belongings they do have because they are not allowed to take their carts into the centers, so they opt to not go. Of course, if they are not of sound mind and body, the organizations have set it up so they have the right to take them in, if life is threatened by the elements.

And the only song that is currently running through my mind is "Baby it's Cold Outside" by Ella and Louie...

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Becky said...

It seems like you have it worse down there than we do. I was thinking the same thing, as there's a guy living in his trailer on our street (my street doesn't have as strict parking rules as others) and I was thinking how grateful I am that I have a home, heat and loved ones that would never let me live like that.

Hope you're able to get out soon. I took the bus in today, but it got stuck at one point and I had to walk a bit and find another one. And I think we're getting more on Wed!