Friday, December 26, 2008

best tree

I am currently at work. It's been a slower than slow day. Four pairs of socks sold so far. I am hoping for one of those things called a Christmas Miracle. We'd like to make some good sales right now because our weather here has been nasty and we've not been open full days (when it drops below freezing when the "sun" sets, you send people home so they can get there safely).

So, I was sitting here chatting with one of the other stores when I looked out the window and saw the tree. It made me smile. I put the phone down and took a photo.

Now it's raining and even uglier out there (if you can believe it). Everyone keeps saying things about when the rains come it will help melt everything. That's only partly true. Sure the snow will melt, but it will first be turned into a slick slush. People don't know how to drive in it. None of it. Not snow, not slush, not ice.

So there you have it, another post about the weather. It's sometimes all we can talk about up here. :)


mishiesmom said...

But isn't the second black Friday? Four pairs of socks is not putting you in the black. Sorry.

Jack K. said...

Drive safely.

Love ya,


bronxbt said...

yeshiree, possibly one of the bestest treez evah.

and btw, in case i've not told you, yer kitchen received high markz according to my login on the HGTV site.

woot woot!
happeh' new yearz!

Becky said...

Whenever I come home, I have to turn the Xmas lights on b/c there's something about seeing the tree with the ornaments and lights on that makes me smile....almost like coming home to having the dogs greet me like I'm the best thing on Earth.