Monday, December 15, 2008

business as usual

So we are opening the stores like normal. Well, perhaps a couple will open a bit late since public transportation is the way most of the employees are getting into work. I am fine with them running late due to that issue.

I, however, will be driving to the mall store today. I am scheduled to close that location. Not looking forward to the drive, but the highways are actually quite cleared. It's the side streets I may end up having a bit more trouble with.

Even though the sun is shining, the wind is also blowing and it feels like 10 degrees outside. I swear, it's almost like we never left Kansas!

So, since I'm not working until later today, I get to have a "leisurely" morning around the house. Yeah, my stomach is in knots and I'm anxiously waiting to hear from everyone telling me they arrived safely. I told them all to call me when they got to the stores, just so I would know they were safe. I swear, I'm such a mom!


Becky said...

We still have snow stuck to where it fell, but most of the roads in the main part of the city are okay to drive on. I can't believe it's this cold -- and will stay that way all week.

Jack K. said...

It's good to know you care enough.

We saw videos of a road in Portland that people had trouble traversing. Just as they got near the top of the hill gravity took over and down they slipped. It was reported that one of the hapless drivers went home and got his video camera and posted the "car"-nage on the internet.

We got your snow here in Northeastern Kansas, but you already know that.

Stay warm, drive slow, drink another latte.

Love ya,