Monday, December 29, 2008


I posted a job listing yesterday morning for a part time position we had open up. It's not even been a whole 24 hours and I've received 44 resumes already. Ten which I've marked to share with the other manager and hopefully interview.

It's an indication of the job market, really. Although this is the first time in a long time I've had so many that I've been intrigued by. I'm pretty excited.

I will take my laptop with me to work today (I work on the floor at one of the stores today) so I can keep tabs on the resumes we will most likely continue to get in. I will call some of the people to set up interviews, too.


We've had two nights in a row of lovely dinner with friends. Saturday night, new friends came over. We had such a damn good time with them. Kev hadn't met either yet and it felt like we all knew each other for a really long time already. Conversation flowed easily and without hesitation. We're going bowling with them and some of their friends for her birthday tomorrow.

Last night other friends came over for dinner and toilet installation. They came over while I was still at work so the install would be completed before I got home. Man, it's a pretty toilet. :) We chatted, ate, drank some beer. It was a great time, as always.


Our gutters got pulled partway down because of the ice and snow that slid off our metal roof. The back is much worse than the front, but both sustained some damage. Today Kev will need to call our agent to set up a claim. Although I love the ease of the metal roof, the aftermath of a snow and ice storm leaves me annoyed.


On Wednesday (my next day off) we will take down our tree. It's time.


That's all, folks. I need to finish getting ready to go to work. Just wanted a quick update on our life and the goings on.


Skyline & Sunshine said...

we had a great time too!!! next time we will certainly play some rock band. :)

bronxbt said...

sounds like a pure awesome few days fer sure, minus the gutter issues. we had so much snow on the roof, the upper back deck, adn other places that I was also afraid of weight and/or sliding damage. we did loose a nice tree/bush thingee out back, the weight snapped it's heartwood to bits. poor baby's sitting out there, still partially covered... all smooshed and sad looking.

right on with that insurance call. they'll have their hands full, so it's good to get on the LIST as soon as you can!

good luck with the perusing and breaking down into piles the candidates for your open employment slot, and the rest into the proverbial recycle bin!


Jack K. said...

You have been busy.

Good to know the toilet is installed and operational.

Good luck on finding the right candidates for employment. I thought the economy might have played a part in receiving so many resumes.

Friends are so important. But, then, you have met very few people whom you have not befriended. To know you is to love you, says a biased father.

-b is right about calling your insurance agent. They will have very long lists. Did you get any water damage on the interior of your home?

Love ya,