Monday, November 05, 2007

the sun will come out, tomorrow

Okay, now that I have most of you singing that damn song in your heads from Annie...(myself included in that group).

My Mamasita-in-law, her husband and Kev's sister get here TOMORROW! I can't believe how fast time sometimes feels like it's passing. When you were a kid, didn't time stand still? Didn't a day sometimes feel like it took weeks? Doesn't it still, sometimes? Today will go slowly because it's the last day before they get here. It's law. The final full day before something fun and amazing will happen, always takes five days to pass.

I have dinner all mapped out for tomorrow night. I'm making lasagna. I still have to get veggies tomorrow after I go into the office for a few hours. That's easy though, since there is a grocery store up the block from the office. Must remember to take market bag. Must also remember to take picture of market bag to share with knitter friends.

Tonight I will get home from work (I'm excited to be working downtown) and I will finish cleaning. Kev vacuumed on Saturday evening and it still looks good. I just have a few things to pick up, nothing major. Also, I need to make Catherine's bed downstairs. I will use the flannels for her since the basement isn't heated by the furnace, but a cadet heater (which honestly, warms the room faster than any old air vent would!).

Also must put an extra blanket on Mamasita and Daddy Walters bed upstairs. When we told them what we dropped the heat to overnight...yeah, they'll need blankets (and we'll probably turn the heat up overnight while they are in town).

I just am so darned excited to see family! I couldn't have been more lucky. I adore my in-laws! Adore! Crap, must get things for Margaritas tomorrow! Note to self...

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Jack K. said...

Have a great time.

Give them our love.

Drink some Margaritas for us.

Love ya,