Wednesday, November 21, 2007

three kinds of pie

Yep, today is the day before turkey day. For me, the day serves as a reminder to be kinder to my humans. Be appreciative of the life I get to live. And live each day to its fullest.

Today, I am making three glorious kinds of pies. I love baking pies. The first to be made was the Shoo Fly Pie. This recipe is from my late Grandma, Margaret Fink. I remember sneaking pieces with my Grandpa when nobody was around (it was either the pie, or the crullers). It is a pie with molasses (special molasses from Allentown, PA), among other ingredients. If it is made correctly (and I am hoping this one turns out well) you will have three distinct layers. The bottom is molasses that settled out from the mixture. It's a bit gooey, not runny. The middle layer is almost like coffee cake. The top is the crumb topping...oh the crumb topping. If it is made incorrectly, they all kind of run together with no distinction. Not the pie I remember.

The second I made was an Apple Crumb Pie (my Mom's recipe). I made my wedges of apple a little bit chunkier than normal, sprinkled cinnamon sugar over them before covering it all with crumb, there it is again! If Kevin remembers, he will stop and get vanilla ice cream to have with it. If not, then plain it is...and there ain't nothing wrong with plain apple pie.

The third is currently in the oven and that is Cheese Cake. With almond extract instead of vanilla. It gives it a lovely flavor. I failed to get any topping for it, though. I thought about making a crumb topping with the leftover graham crackers, but I think I need a crumb topping free dessert. But man...crumb topping.

Tomorrow, we'll see who makes it by to share.


Sassy said...

These look yummy :-) Happy Thanksgiving

Monika said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm - they all look delicious! Happy Thanksgiving!

tongue in cheek said...

I'll come by...but I don't know if I could share that apple crumble, I might have to eat it all myself!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Jack K. said...

Great pies. Perhaps you make at least one of them the next time we are in town. tee hee

Love ya,


Becky said...

I'm salivating over your cheesecake, particularly with the almond extract. It adds a sweetness that's so addicting to me.