Thursday, November 01, 2007

frustration and love

I got home this evening to Kevin being in a funky mood. His business trip to Cali (where he left on a Monday afternoon and got back the next night) was pretty good. He left it feeling pretty upbeat. There were only a few speakers he could tell were not thrilled with the topic they were given (he's pretty sure they didn't get to pick what they would speak about). But all in all he felt good.

So we got to have Wednesday off together (YEA!) and we ran around doing errands, buying groceries, the necessities. He went in for a couple of hours to straighten up the office and give the guys stuff to do in preparation for the district and the area managers' visit. The last time they came through town they failed to get to his store. He was promised "We will DEFINITELY stop by on Friday!"

You can guess where this is going, I am sure. So he's annoyed, pissed off really, that they didn't have the decency to even call to say they were not going to make it. They made it to all the other stores in the area.

Now, for the love:

During my yoga practice tonight (sigh) I started thinking (I know, should have been emptying my mind) about all the love I have felt among my friends when it comes to Josie. Almost every friend I've spoken to starts the conversation with "how's Josie doing?" I can not tell you how warm it makes me feel. She is still doing well (knock on wood). Her skin improves each day. Her goofy butt is wigglier and wigglier every time we come home. We're going to hold off the meds until she possibly has another seizure. I'm hoping that the allergy was the culprit. I'm not holding my breath, but I am hopeful. And full of thanks. You are all inspirational to me. Live life to the tune of our loved ones. Think of others first. Put love out there and you get it back, ten fold at least.

Namaste dear friends.


bronxbt said...

tell yer boy that upper management sucks arse... they all do. the KEY is to strive for success and become MORE of a manager than they EV-AH were... lead by example, and i have no doubt that he can.

regarding josie and 'da menagerie:

it'z cuz we lurve you all... those who wiggle, and those who waggle, and especially those who sit back and oogle and all the woogling.

*heh heh heh*


Jack K. said...

Glad to know that Josie is doing well. We worry about her too.

I think -b is onto something about management. Leading by example is easy. We do it every day. The trick is to understand what we are doing every day and what it says about us.

They can always fall back on the adage; We all get eat up with the dumb-ass once in a while.

Just don't do it too often.

Snort, snerx.

shannon said...

thanks bt. he knows that upper management can suck, but he also knows that they should do better. i am hoping it spurs him onto be a different kind of upper management (whenever he gets there...nothing is in works/talks).

dad- it's nice to know that y'all think about my josie as much as you do. it makes my heart warm knowing mom, a person who used to be not so much about dogs has learned to love one. :)

Becky said...

As annoying as that is that he was stood up at his store, it's probably a good sign because they trust him and dont' feel like they need to check in on him.

Glad to hear your pup is doing better!