Thursday, November 22, 2007

do you realize?

It's an amazing thing that the shoo fly pie did not get sliced into last night?! Can I start my dinner with dessert? And then my main course be cheese cake. Ending with a bit of apple crumb?

No, I didn't think that would work. :) Although I am an adult and can make my own choices. And the turkey, potatoes, green beans, stuffing (well, not the stuffing) all sound too good to pass up.

I'd like to say happy day to everyone who reads these simple words. I know I don't post things that are earth shattering, but that's okay. I like living a life that is calm and not too chaotic. Man, I should really go knock on some wood right about now...

Happy day everyone!


Jack K. said...

Happy day to you too.

Hope the spuds turned out well.

Glad we could confer with you over the proper way to prepare them.

Love ya,

Dad & Mom

Monika said...

I feel the same sometimes. Happy day!