Wednesday, November 28, 2007

knitted things

Yesterday was a good day. Work went by, at times it felt quick, at others more slowly. The boys came by the shop I was working at so we could all three chat about things. We like to have these meetings more often, and actually at the office, but with us having to cover shifts on the floor it's been hard to manage.

The two of them left at around 5:00 last night. I stuck out my tongue and told them to think of me at 6:30 when I was getting to leave. They both smiled...

I drove over to Twisted. Knit night with someone I met online through the lovely world of the blog. Cari was exactly as I imagined her. Welcoming, kind, knitting beautiful things that sprout from her mind. Ahhh, to be that kind of knitter. Me, I was working on yet another hat. And while knitting it I realized that I needed to make another certain someone a hat for his first birthday. What is it with me and hats all of a sudden?!

Anyway, I drove around the block like five times looking for this place. Once I found it I was immediately welcomed into the group of women who were there already. Helen, Lorajean, Kaarin, Cari, and C/Katie (a very sweet girl who none of us knew). Then again, I only knew Cari through her blog...wild.

I got quite a bit done on the hat I had taken with me. I also may or may not have purchased some of Helen and Lorajean's beautiful sock yarn (which Cari suggested I use to make a hat for that certain baby in my life because it's washable and durable). The yarn is beautiful. Of course no photos yet...I love the colorway, though. Nest is its name.

At some point I'd love to be the knitter who logs everything she does. You know, with start and finish dates, yarn used, etc. Until that time, I will continue making hats and dreaming up other things.


Jack K. said...

Be careful. You may become addicted to this knitting thingy. tee hee.

I'm glad you get so much pleasure from a rather complicated endeavor.

Love ya,


StarSpry said...

I'm glad you had fun at Knit Night!

It's always nice to get together with other knitters at a knit shop...although sometimes dangerous with all that yarn :D

Cari said...

SO great to finally meet you in the real world!

Monika said...

That sounds real nice! You really should learn to knit socks. They are so useful, as are hats, but you know how to do them already! ;o)