Sunday, November 25, 2007

other peoples conversations

Once a week I ride the bus downtown to work. I do not have my zune on (somewhere in the move I misplaced my ear buds...bah!). I get to hear the conversations around me.

Something that astounds me (although Charles tells me I shouldn't be so surprised by people) is the level of intimate details people will go into while talking (loudly) with their friends on the bus. They are not telling the story to their friend, they are telling it to the rest of us, really. Looking and waiting for a response. Sometimes they get one, from others. I never react, externally.

Kev says I do this, too. I am pretty sure I do, but I don't swear loudly, talk of sex, or anything that would leave others feeling icked out. I talk about hikes, dinner, lame-o stuff. And I think about why I feel the need to share things. The interesting thing? I've kind of stopped lately. Maybe I get things out on the blog and I don't feel the need? Maybe he and I don't go places as much together (grocery stores tend to be my place of choice...not buses).

So, are we all slightly exhibitionists? Do we like the attention? If so, what kind of attention are we bringing to ourselves with the conversations we have for those others?

By spouting off obscenity after obscenity the attention is one of pity. Why we've turned into big mouthed heathens is beyond me. Humans have devolved (many, not all).

It's a shame, really. I mean look at todays kids. They are either lazy, loud mouthed, and rude. OR they are super active, but self absorbed. I am sure there are some that have been raised by parents who take pride in teaching their children right and not so right. I get to see kids in the stores every so often. I am sure there are parents who think their kids are the best, most polite, and truly mindful. I'm here to tell them, they sometimes need to take off those rose colored glasses. Sometimes, though, there are kids who rock my world. They are kind, generous, endearing, aware that the world does not revolve around them. They say thank you. They pick up after themselves (because their parents are picking up the things they try on).

Kids, learn from observation as well as our words. Praise them when they do well. Talk to them when they are needing guidance. Don't ignore them.

Wow, tangent much?


Tanya L. Crenshaw said...

Yes. I miss the Tokyo subway system. Biggest city in the world, crowded trains, and yet everyone is quiet as a mouse. With so many people on the little island, I think being quiet on mass transit is a necessity.

Positive reinforcement is good.

I also like the scene in Darjeeling Limited with A. Brodie tells the tourists on the train to be quiet.

How is Josie these days? I feel, sometimes, that there should be a Josie blog. ;)

bronxbt said...

i notice the same thing with people on their darned wireless headsets.

bad enuf they tell the world about stuff, but worse they TALK SO LOUD cuz the ear budz are getting teenier each day!


Jack K. said...

You have developed some keen insights. Your mother did a good job raising you.

Love ya.

Becky said...

I have to ride the bus every day to and from work and I encounter this almost every single time, even this morning. The worst offenders are those that gab on their cell phones will in transit and then you hear really private things like birth dates, social security numbers, financial information. My co-worker even heard someone break up with someone over the phone once. I wish people would just be quiet and save it for when they get home.