Tuesday, November 27, 2007

things are looking up

Okay, not that things were bad or anything. I'm just doing inventory and my neck no longer wants to hold my head straight, or move it left or right. It only wants to allow my head to fall back, looking up. You see, we have the clogs on tall shoe racks that hold 8 pairs vertically and 4 pairs across. On top of those racks are shelves where we keep about a stack of 7 boxes high by...I can't even begin to think how many wide. I took it upon myself yesterday to start the inventory because the person we fired the day before turkey day, wasn't removing or adding things correctly to our inventory list on the computer. It's a bit archaic, our system, but it works (if the kids do it right).

I will go and finish the style I started yesterday, today. Then...then I get to meet someone tonight! I'm pretty excited. I'm going to Twisted for knit night. I've only ever gone to a knit night once before and that was 100% on my own. I didn't know a soul there. Yeah, notice I only went once. :) That first time was fun, but the store (which is still my favorite) is way over in NE Portland and I, at the time, lived way out in SE Portland. Anyway, I got the invite to meet up, Kev will be home in time to feed the crew, I've got a fuzzy pink hat on the needles...so I'm goin'!

I only hope that today zips by as quickly as the majority of yesterday did.


StarSpry said...

I hope your inventory goes by fast today!

Have fun at Knit Night :D

Jack K. said...

All will go well for you. Look who is living your life.

A very wonderful person.

Love ya,


No bias here.