Friday, November 16, 2007

i had to honk three times

Okay, so I didn't actually honk the horn three times, only two. But there was a third incident that a honking would have been appropriate.

I want Jen to rule the world soon. Because when she does, the idiot drivers who will look at you as they blow through a stop sign (when you have none), the morons who see you coming, but turn ever so slowly in front of you anyway, and just about everyone else who annoys me on the road...will not be given a license.

It's raining here (no surprise, I am sure) and grey. I am working at my old store. I am hoping that some of my regulars come in today and are surprised. It's always fun when one of them come in. I get hugs. Is it odd that women who come into the shoe store (whom I've not seen for some time) will hug me? Or is it a testament to the kind of person I am?

I have an interview this morning. At least I hope I do. Yesterday I had two people lined up to come in. One showed. No call from the second. Annoyance, for sure. The one that did show up yesterday has experience. This is not a bad thing. It may have been a while since she sold shoes, but she seemed to have a certain passion about them (but not bordering on crazy obsession). We've gotten quite a few resumes in response to the ad on criagslist, but none jump out and grab me. Four, intrigue me. Two will be interviewed, one a no show and the fourth had a non-working number so I emailed her and I've not heard back. Although I'll have to have Charles check the machine at the office today.

I hope the rains stop a bit so I can get to my bus shelter. After that, it can rain again. I love having a shelter at the stop I wait at now. The old stop, at our old house, didn't and I'd get on the bus looking like a drowned rat. I never really carry an umbrella unless it's pouring outside. We don't get too much pouring here. And true Oregonians, don't carry umbrellas. We wear rain gear instead. Um, yeah...maybe it's the transplants that don't use umbrellas? I don't know.

I don't have anything currently on the needles (knitting, that is) but I did finish myself a really cute hat. I used Karabella Aurora, Cascade 220, and Lannet superwash. Brown, blue, green, respectively. I was going to take some shots last night, but didn't. Have no other excuse than I just plain did not take any. I will take some and post them soon, though. I might even tell you what I did (pattern wise). It turned out really cute, although Kev's got his eyes on it. I knew I should have gone with pink instead of green for the top!!!

Okay, must gather my things and head to the bus stop soon. Keep fingers crossed that my favorite coffee shop is in fact open today!

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PlazaJen said...

I'm still working on the takeover details, but it's great to know I have your support. ;)