Saturday, March 07, 2009

status update

i have to laugh at the instant-ness of the world we live in. update your status! tweet about something at twitter! blog about what you are doing right this very instant...

sure, i fall prey to the updates. i love reading what people i went to high school with are doing. i enjoy seeing that my friend jean is still adored by her fabulous husband (his update last night was "sharing a glass of wine with my hot wifey" or something like that). i laugh when i see friends counting down to st. patrick's day (we all have our favorite holidays!! and by laughing, it's not out of fun making, more out of being amused by my friends).

the funny thing is, i update my status all the time over at facebook. i'm serious! right now my status is set to:

working this weekend. but what else is new?

why? why do i feel the need to have that instant information out there. sure it's not anything too invasive or intrusive. but i find myself trying to come up with more creative and inventive reports. oooh, what if i

i think it comes down to this: people can comment about your status updates. they can give you a thumbs up if they like it. they are included, for that exact moment, in your life. people i've not thought about for years are liking that my dinner consisted of penne pasta with pesto and crusty bread. and so, because i like that affirmation, i continue to update my status.

scrounging for bus fare...

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Becky said...

I usually don't post something unless I think I"m being funny or need to vent. But I think it's different for everyone. I will admit that I've seen some "overshare" updates -- not that they're TMI, but I really don't necessarily need to know that someone just finished eating breakfast. But then again, maybe others like those updates?