Wednesday, March 11, 2009


in jr. high i was a member of the math team. it wasn't due to my love of math (although i do enjoy a challenge); more it had to do with a cute guy on the team. he and i only ever became friends, but i truly think it's that brief stint on the math team that allows me to figure out the number of stitches, rows, etc it takes to make a whole dress.

a friend sent a link to a calculator, a waist shaping calculator for knitters. i got it after i figured out everything and how to do it. i decided to plug in my numbers and see how i compared.

can we say: NAILED IT!

i'm eight rounds into this dress (the pattern i'd originally bought to follow is ending up being a general guide for me) and i'm trying to remember to breathe.


Jack K. said...

Breathing is good. tehee

Yarn is beautiful, and so are you.

Love ya,


StarSpry said...

Way to go! The color is lovely :)

Becky said...

And people say we never use your school math again :) I love the color -- is it for you? If so, it will look great with your skin tone/hair color.