Monday, March 30, 2009

busy bizy bizay

friday kung fu at a friends was a lot of fun. i love movies that you can joke during and not get shushed. i only do this at friends houses, not at the theater! it was some sammo hung movie. it was HI-larious! i think the wildcat (from the evil kung fu school) was my favorite. i mean come on, he acted like a cat (badly).

the derby was a blast saturday night! i was right, many girls hit the floor with FORCE. it cured me of the desire i thought i had to become a derby girl, that's for sure! one of my favorite names was meg myday. also, sara problem (say that one out loud to get the real effect). wonder what my derby name would be.

had a few friends over yesterday to knit. got a lot done on my dress. of course, i'm a little panicked just because i've never knit a dress before and i'm just using the sweater pattern as a jumping off point.

got a text last night from the full timer downtown saying she woke feeling like crap, that she hadn't left her bed all day, trying to allow the bug to work through her. i told her to take today and to let me know about tomorrow as soon as she has an idea if she'll be able to make it. of course this means i'll have to miss a meeting out at the mall, marketing meeting...they never really discuss anything of value, though. so no bigs.

okay, going to gather things and get ready to catch the bus (must remember to hop off a stop early so i can buy bus tickets to get home tonight).

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Becky said...

We used to go to the roller derby all the time here and then they got so popular that their shows sold out. But they're now at Key Arena and a friend got me tickets for my b-day, so we're going in two weeks. Did you see seattle's teams b/c Meg Myday is a name of one of the girls (or it's just a coincidence)?