Thursday, March 05, 2009


today is my monday. i have had the past two days off work. did i do much? well, we cleaned the house yesterday (yea!), i finished one hat (except for finding a button for it), made another (and got to wear it the same night), fnished jill's shrug (the joy on her face for the last try on before completion was beautiful), did some laundry (almost all done now), knit on a dress (i'm nearing the decreases already!) and got to hang out with my husband at sweetness bakery for a while (which is my favorite thing to do).

it was bright and sunny my two days off. today, we woke to pounding rain on our rooftop. it's a lovely sound, but when you are hoping for more sun, it's kind of a bummer sound.

my sister's baby shower is this weekend, on sunday. sadly, i am not able to attend since it's down in california and i live in oregon (i figured it'd be better to wait for the baby to go for a visit). however, i've spoken to a couple of her friends (as well as her) and they are going to call me when she opens the gifts i sent (they will call and set me on the arm rest of her chair). i just sent a note to the hostess asking for the big yellow package to be opened last. it's the surprise.

i must keep in mind that today, today is thursday and sunday is not all that far off! i swear, i want a normal work week, but at this point i'm not even sure what that would look like.

now, if i could only remember what time the shower was starting so i could be prepared for the call. :) mom? do you remember? i recycled my invite once i pulled the address from it to ship the package.


Jack K. said...

According to the invitation, the time is 1:00PM this Sunday.

Have a good time.

I work again this weekend.



shannon said...

even when i'm 36 you and mom STILL do it...

(when i was a kid and called for one of them, the other would be the one who would hear my calls and come to me. forever screwing me up, i call dad mom and mom dad...)

thanks for the info, tho! will keep my phone at the ready!